Kivy looks promising for cross platform UI

I haven’t been happy with my cross platform GUI choices.
Usually, I use wxPython.
However, I’ve just discovered kivy from a post on the Planet Python feed.
I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

Supposedly runs on android as well.
Anybody have a throughput measurement for android written with kivy yet?


  1. says

    I think multi-touch is where the excitement is.
    But I’d like to try it out and see if it works as a general GUI solution, as I’m starting to do more Windows/OSX/Linux development.
    And, I do have some Android app needs in the near future.

  2. gpettier says

    Hi, glad to see more people getting interrested in kivy, i’m a contributor to it, and i can answer questions if you have some.

    For the suitability to desktop development, as for mobile developmnet, we may not be full featured yet, but we definitly want to cover both, and people wanting to improve integration on any of the targets are welcome. Kivy was indeed first developped to work with multitouch, but it can be used to develop more traditional applications, with some easy tuning (disabling multitouch emulation on desktop for example, there are some things we are willing to improve on desktop, like focus support ( something that doesn’t really make sense in a multitouch application, but can be useful in more traditional apps) and maybe better keyboard shortcuts support.

    Same for mobile support, we are willing to abstract more of the mobile features (gps/camera/audio…) and provide access on all plateform under an unified api, there are low level work to make that possible (pyjnius for android, pyobjus for ios) to make that easier, but the high level is not there yet, because the low level is not complete (yet), there is definitly some work to do to be as good as native development there, but a lot of really good applications can be done yet if you are not in need of plateform specific things (or not willing to help them get there).

    We don’t have time for everything (still a small team), but help is welcome, and we do our best to support newcomers :).

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