passes first 3 tests

Just pushed up an update to and to github

Passing first 3 tests now.

  1. Non-marked lines
  2. em tags
  3. strong tags

Update: I posted this, then felt bad that it was so short, so removed it.
However, a notification already had gone out on twitter and the rss feed.
So I moved it back to published.
I still fill bad that it’s so short.
But 404’s are worse.

doctest introduction

The doctest test framework is a python module that comes prepackaged with Python. This post covers the basics of how to put doctests in your code, and outside of your code, in a separate file. Then I’ll show how I’m using it to test
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I’ve decided to write my own Markdown script,
possibly for dubious reasons.

I’m getting antsy to code.

But before I get started on the testing and implementation, I need to:

  • write the requirements
  • write a simple stub implementation
  • write a testing strategy
  • explore test frameworks

Then, FINALLY, I can start testing and implementing.
I will talk about the term ‘testing and implementing’ in a future post.

Let’s take a look at the requirements.
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