regex search and replace example scripts

Search and replace is such a common task that it should be a tool that’s in every command line script author’s toolbox.
There are probably endless solutions to the problem.
I’ve put together my standard methods for tackling the problem.
I’ll also show similar Perl versions, mainly for comparisons.

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Confession … I still use perl on the command line

I have a confession to make.

I still use Perl. Regularly. But mostly as a command line tool. Is that a reason? or an excuse?

When I started using Python regularly, I tried to replace my Perl usage.
Nothing against Perl, I just wanted to force myself to use Python to aid in my learning of the language.

I still have quite a few Perl habits that are hard to break.

The trouble is that some things are just so darn easy in Perl (if you’ve already learned it), and not so easy (as far as I know) in Python.
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