passes first 3 tests

Just pushed up an update to and to github

Passing first 3 tests now.

  1. Non-marked lines
  2. em tags
  3. strong tags

Update: I posted this, then felt bad that it was so short, so removed it.
However, a notification already had gone out on twitter and the rss feed.
So I moved it back to published.
I still fill bad that it’s so short.
But 404’s are worse.


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      I wasn’t aware of those tests. That’s cool.
      However, a couple of questions:
      1. How are you supposed to use the tests there?
      2. There isn’t any licensing info there. Can I use the text from the tests in my own tests?

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        Brian, I added MIT License in the directory (which is a very liberal license). So be my guest. I would love to know if it would be useful for you to get the desired output for each test as html markup fragment. If you do that please do pull requests on the directory with the output.

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      Creative Commons? Perhaps someone in the community has a preference. I’m probably gonna slap GPL on most if my stuff. Or CC? MIT? Like I said, not really sure of the differences.

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