Poll: Which test frameworks are you most interested in?

I’m planning on covering doctest, unittest, nose, and py.test.
However, I’d like to know if my guess at interest level is right.
Also curious which framework(s) I should spend the most time on, and if I’ve missed some important framework.
I’m using a free polldaddy account, so I believe only the first 200 will be counted.

Thanks for taking the time with this.


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    Nose is not a framework. It extends unittest to make testing easier. It is actually used to run unittest like a badge of tests instead of you running the tests one by one manually. That is all what it does. I would recommend using doctest because you can generate documentation and write the tests in one shot. Plus you dont have to remember to change do documentation whenever you change the code. The test case will fail and you can alter the documentation of failed case or bugfix your code. it is like buy one and get one free offer, with a little additional cost, of course.

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      I get what you are saying, but disagree.

      Perhaps we have a different idea of framework.
      I’m including in my definition anything that either provides a a way to write tests or a way to run tests. Since nose does both, it fits my definition.
      If you’ve got a different definition, I’d love to hear it.

      BTW, thanks for participating in the discussion.

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