Run a single test class with unittest, nosetests, py.test

I’ve got the test code from my unittest fixture syntax and flow reference, and I want to try to run one class, say TestSkip from unittest, nosetests, and pytest, to compare the the control flow.

Therefore, I need for each framework:

  • The option to make it as quiet as possible (-q for all of them)
  • The option to turn off output capture (-s works for both pytest and nose, not needed for unittest)
  • The way to call an individual class (this is where they all differ.

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Poll: Which test frameworks are you most interested in?

I’m planning on covering doctest, unittest, nose, and py.test.
However, I’d like to know if my guess at interest level is right.
Also curious which framework(s) I should spend the most time on, and if I’ve missed some important framework.
I’m using a free polldaddy account, so I believe only the first 200 will be counted.

Thanks for taking the time with this.