Pytest vs Unittest vs Nose (PT002)

Choosing a test framework

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I list my requirements for a framework and discuss how Pytest, Unittest, and Nose measure up to those requirements.


I did the audio processing differently for this episode. Please let me know how it sounds, if there are any problems, etc.

What to expect from the Python Test Podcast (PT001)


Upcoming topic categories:

  • Mechanics of testing
  • testing concepts and strategies
  • Software development methodologies
  • Software development skills and best practices
  • Software testing in education and programming instruction
  • Using Python test frameworks for non-Python projects

Each of the categories is broken into topic ideas in the audio.

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pytest-expect code now in a github repo

I’ve made a few changes to the pytest-expect fixture plugin.

  1. I’ve put the plugin code on github,
  2. It is re-arranged to be a plugin installable with pip. Although I don’t have it in pypi yet.
  3. I’ve modified the code to use pytest 2.7.0 @pytest.mark.hookwrapper.
  4. I incorporated Bruno’s feedback from the last post to allow both assert failures and expect failures to be reported in the same test.
  5. There’s a tests directory to test the plugin.

There’s still lots to do. But this is a decent start.

Instead of listing any code here, go check out the pytest-expect repository on github

Also, I’ve set up a pytest-expect page. Not much there yet, but I plan on hosting the documentation for this thing there.

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