Poll: Which test frameworks are you most interested in?

I’m planning on covering doctest, unittest, nose, and py.test.
However, I’d like to know if my guess at interest level is right.
Also curious which framework(s) I should spend the most time on, and if I’ve missed some important framework.
I’m using a free polldaddy account, so I believe only the first 200 will be counted.

Thanks for taking the time with this.

Contact form fixed

My contact form page was broken.
It’s fixed now, I hope.

I feel bad about it being broken, since I really value your thoughts and opinions about what I’m trying to do here.

If you have testing related topics you’d like me to discuss, please let me know.

And I’d the contact form is broken again, it if you just would rather use your own email client, you can reach me at brian (at) pythontesting.net

Software API/CLI interface adapters

While writing software, we are faced with lots and lots of interfaces.
The public interface for some tool or module or package or whatever is usually referred to as the API, the CLI, or simply the user interface.
In this post, when considering an interface, I am specifically referring to APIs and CLIs.

Sometimes, we find a software component that does exactly what we want, but the interface is not what we want.
That’s where software interface adapters come to the rescue.
Adapters are helpful in many stages of the design and development of just about anything.

Software interface adapters are perfect for functional testing.
On this site, I use a flavor of TDD that focuses on functional testing.
I’ve usually got a couple of goals:

  1. I want to test the public interface: either API, CLI, or both.
  2. I want the tests tat make up my regression test suite to be as easy to write as possible, so that it’s simple to add new tests as needed.

Often, these goals are at odds. The API/CLI may just not be convenient for easy testing.
That’s an ideal place to develop an interface adapter.

In this post, I’ll describe how interface adapters can be easily specified and implemented in python.
As a working example, I’ll describe the interface adapter that I need for testing markdown.py.

Read more about defining, implementing, and using interface adapters

Kivy looks promising for cross platform UI

I haven’t been happy with my cross platform GUI choices.
Usually, I use wxPython.
However, I’ve just discovered kivy from a post on the Planet Python feed.
I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

Supposedly runs on android as well.
Anybody have a throughput measurement for android written with kivy yet?