Stub for

To explore the concepts of functional testing using python and python testing frameworks, I’m building a project to test, on github.

In this post, I’m discussing the stub implementation that I will use to set up the testing frameworks.
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I’ve decided to write my own Markdown script,
possibly for dubious reasons.

I’m getting antsy to code.

But before I get started on the testing and implementation, I need to:

  • write the requirements
  • write a simple stub implementation
  • write a testing strategy
  • explore test frameworks

Then, FINALLY, I can start testing and implementing.
I will talk about the term ‘testing and implementing’ in a future post.

Let’s take a look at the requirements.
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I’ve set up a repository on github to hold all of the items specifically related to this project.
Feel free to follow along there as well as here.

Why Markdown

Markdown has very little to do with python testing.
But I need a project to test, so I’m writing my own Markdown script.
This is a brief introduction to Markdown from my perspective.

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